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I like to share everything that makes me feel good, that is interesting with my friends and family. This is why I started the blog: so I can share with you all the useful and interesting, that I learn and use, everything that helps me to be more satisfied with my life, happy and energetic. I think this is the only way to live for the Energy Leadership Coach.

Enjoy the reading and watching!

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#Positive thinking

7 years ago
Tue, July 2600, 2016

Gratitude makes miracles

We all, or almost all, live with the impression that we lack something: money, love, good weather, time, energy – impossible to list all of it. And we rarely pay attention to what we already have, but it is usually not little. If you have $3,650, including the value of your home, you’re among the wealthiest half of people in the world. (This is net wealth - so, once debts have been subtracted.), according to Credit Suisse's new report on global wealth. What will change if instead of...

#Holistic living #Gratitude #Positive thinking 

8 years ago
Tue, June 1400, 2016

Think Positively

Dearest Friends,  As promised in the coming few month I will share with you my learnings about holistic lifestyle, that I am implementing in the recent years. It is evolving, changing and developing together with me. So, let’s look at the schedule of Summer 2016: I plan to share 14 ideas that helped me to bring a harmony of body, mind and soul.  Recently my boyfriend asked me: “Where do you get all this energy from?” So, I want to share my findings with him, and with you. Will...

#Harmony #Holistic living #Positive thinking 

8 years ago
Mon, March 2800, 2016

The world is a perceptual illusion

Research conducted regarding the principles of quantum physics demonstrates that the world we experience is a creation of our perceptions. We simply attract and then we see what it is we expect to see. Certain leading scientific experiments and research indicate that we actually create what we expect to happen. We create our world through interpretations of reality that we make. Few weeks ago we’ve started a very nice initiative with my friend: walking by the Bosphorus early in the...

#Self awareness #Positive thinking #IPEC Principles 

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