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Think Positively

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Dearest Friends,

 As promised in the coming few month I will share with you my learnings about holistic lifestyle, that I am implementing in the recent years. It is evolving, changing and developing together with me. So, let’s look at the schedule of Summer 2016: I plan to share 14 ideas that helped me to bring a harmony of body, mind and soul.

 Recently my boyfriend asked me: “Where do you get all this energy from?” So, I want to share my findings with him, and with you. Will be very happy, if my experience helps you to find any new ideas or practices useful for you. And together with these ideas, I’ll share nice sceneries that catch my attention recently. 

Idea 1: Think positively

We all know the saying about the glass; that we can see it half full, or half empty. This relates to any situation… One of us can wait to get a morning newspaper from the seller, and observe the beauty of the morning sun, birds, people, enjoying the moment, but another person next to him can nervously count seconds, thinking that the newspaper guy is so slow… No time to look at the beautiful sunrise. The result is the same, both people get their papers, but one with pleasure, feeling rested and smiling, another one feeling tired and nervous.

Many of us see the world around as a mix of bright and dark colors. But in reality, everything that exists around us is not colored. We are the painters, who is coloring our life with black and white, yellow and blue, red and green, or grey… Positive or negative view towards the situation is formed in our mind. By managing the thoughts one can   come to rational, neutral view towards the things around, and then finding optimistic approach by finding good side of what’s happening.

Changing the way you think, view situations is not an easy task, it requires efforts. First, you have to say “No” to old, negative thoughts. You should not use such words as “This is not possible”, “I can’t do it”, “I am not capable”. By saying it, you unintentionally convince yourself that it is true, influence the way brain works. So, the first step is to eliminate negative words, negative thoughts about yourself, about others, about the situations.

After this, second step, you can start learning to see good things around. Reading of good books, doing things you like, visiting theaters and movies. Look around, pay attention to what’s going on and see the beauty in it, try to do things that bring you pleasure. Wonderful things are all around!

After learning to notice the beauty in the world around you, you can move to step three: start to create positive thoughts. Note everything good that happened during the day. You may mentally thank the Universe, putting it in the journal (this is what I do every morning), telling to your loved ones: any way that works for you. And smile, laugh, feel joy! Negative thoughts should be replaced with: “It is possible”, “It will work out”, “I will do my best”. If a negative thought comes, you can ask yourself a question: “What is another way to look at it?” and find a few different ideas that can help you to find a good thing in anything that you might consider negative at the first glance.

Instead of the high walls, you’ll see windows and doors for opportunities. Now your mind is not chewing old problems, or getting worried about what can happen, it is busy with finding solutions or analyzing the opportunities.

By following this 3 steps approach, you can train your mind to become positive. It is not possible to change immediately. But consistent practice brings results in any field you want. If you really wish for something, have faith and discipline, you can achieve anything.

Instead of stress, sadness, worries, you will feel calmness and peace. This means,  your mind is going to work better, more free and open, your body is going to feel healthier and you will have more energy to achieve your goals and enjoy life.

Tue, June 1400, 2016, 7 years ago

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