Olga Gurskaya

Certified Energy Leadership Coach, PCC ICF

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About me

Since 2015 I'm a Certified Professional coach, graduated from one of the leading coaching schools in the world, the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (USA), I have a professional certified coach credentials (РСС) based on ICF classification, conducted more than 500 sessions with the leaders and top-managers.

Until then I've been working in big multinational companies for more than 20 years, including finance leadership of a cluster of 17 countries in the Middle East for Johnson&Johnson, work in Reebok, Mars, «Independent Media» publishing house, «Telmos» telecoomunication company and Radisson Hotel.  I've been managing teams of 150 people in Russia and Turkey.

Team's and employee's development was the most interesting part of my job, and many of my subordiantes achieved great results in their carreer progression within their countries and abroad.

I have experience in managing finance and logistics, accounting and legal services, Healthcare Compliance and Product Registration functions, general management experience in Turkey.

I've graduated from Moscow Technical University, compaleted Certified Accountant Education (ACCA, UK), Executive MBA (MIRBIS, Moscow), Healthcare Compliance Leadership Program (INSEAD), women leadership program ACSEND (Johnson&Johnson), and most recently team coaching program in Academy of Executive Coaching (UK) and Erikson University (Moscow). I'm also studying one of te leading managment methodologuies in the Adizes Institute (USA).

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