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I like to share everything that makes me feel good, that is interesting with my friends and family. This is why I started the blog: so I can share with you all the useful and interesting, that I learn and use, everything that helps me to be more satisfied with my life, happy and energetic. I think this is the only way to live for the Energy Leadership Coach.

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6 years ago
Wed, March 2100, 2018

Энергия Успеха - 28: Магические вопросы

Дорогие друзья, сегодня я начинаю серию видео «Энергия Успеха» на русском языке. Если Вы хотите чувствовать большую удовлетворенность жизнью и уверенность в себе, больше успевать, и испытывать меньше стрессов - то эти короткие 5-7 мин видео – для Вас. В первом видео я...

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8 years ago
Fri, April 800, 2016

We all have a higher coach

My Dearest Friends, We all have voices talking within us. I have many, and the conversation is always ongoing. There is an Inner Critic, an Analytic, a Source of Knowledge, Supporter, some other voices that appear depending on the situation. At times, there is a voice that helps to take decision, gives recommendation or shares an idea. This is a voice that we can call a “Higher Coach”, the inner instinctual voice that, when listened to, guides with wisdom and empowers us with...

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