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Я очень люблю делиться с друзьями и родными всем тем, что меня радует, что мне интересно. Поэтому я и затеяла блог – чтобы поделиться с Вами всем тем полезным и интересным, что я узнаю или использую. Всем, что помогает мне быть более удовлетворенной жизнью, счастливой и, конечно, энергичной – а как иначе может жить коуч Энергетического лидерства.

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8 лет назад
Вт, 1 декабря 2015

Nothing exists in isolation of anything else

Good beautiful morning Friends, Today I feel like thinking with you about “Nothing exists in isolation of anything else”. Chaos theory shows us how a butterfly flapping its wings in China can be instrumental in causing a tornado in New York. We are each intimately connected to everything else, at all times, everywhere. We’re not just where we think we are, coming from our past, but our actions create implications in all aspects of our own and others futures. As a coach, I have a vision...

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8 лет назад
Пт, 27 ноября 2015

We are each a product of our own belief system

Good wonderful morning, my Friends. I wish you all a great start of the week! Let’s talk about “We are each a product of our own belief system”. We know that there are no two people who experience the world in the same way. We’re all different. Everyone experiences life through “filters” of his or her personal history. The interesting thing about belief systems is that if they are not serving you in a favorable way, they can be changed to ones that are more in alignment with your...

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8 лет назад
Пт, 20 ноября 2015

Each of us is perfect unique energy force

I’ve just returned from Barcelona, a city full of passion and energy, unique and beautiful. And I think there is no better principal to explore today than “each one of us is a perfect, unique energy force”. Of course it starts with Picasso and Gaudi, with passionate Spanish guitar players and designers of beautiful cloths. One night, we went to an amazing the Palau de la Música Catalana. Every musician, singer and dancer was great. One dancer was enjoying the performance so much, I could...

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8 лет назад
Ср, 18 ноября 2015

Life offers neither problems, nor challenges, only opportunities

Today I want to share my favourite principle: “Life offers neither problems, nor challenges, only opportunities”.Sir Winston Churchill said: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty!”If we call something problem, or issue, we create disempowering judgement. All the situations provide an opportunity for learning, taking lessons, gaining experience and growth. Also, if you see opportunity in all the situations you see life...

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8 лет назад
Вс, 15 ноября 2015

Doing is work, being is effortless

Dear Friends,  I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with people I love, such as yourselves. And I’d like to share all I have learned while studying at IPEC. 33 IPEC foundation principles is the first thing that came to my mind. This is IPEC life philosophy, and it helps to see the world as a beautiful place to be. If you truly live it…I’ll start with one, , and looking forward to hear your thoughts…“Doing is work, being is effortless”.If you're doing what you want,...

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