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Each of us is perfect unique energy force

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I’ve just returned from Barcelona, a city full of passion and energy, unique and beautiful. And I think there is no better principal to explore today than “each one of us is a perfect, unique energy force”. Of course it starts with Picasso and Gaudi, with passionate Spanish guitar players and designers of beautiful cloths. One night, we went to an amazing the Palau de la Música Catalana. Every musician, singer and dancer was great. One dancer was enjoying the performance so much, I could not see the movements of his feet, so speedy it was. It looked like he was losing himself, meditating while performing. Incredible feeling and gift for us. And energy. And dance. And completely different story…About Garraf Beach. A wonderful place, 30 min by train from the city center. As in many places in Europe many ladies are sunbathing topless… There was one middle aged woman near us, laying down in the sun the whole day, sometimes swimming, from early morning till late evening. I noticed her look while she was going out of the sea, and her smile. I immediately understood, that she is enjoying herself, and the sun, and the day. For me, it would be boring to stay whole day without even talking to anyone, checking the phone, I will be uncomfortable demonstrating my few extra kilos, and very hot without umbrella. But we are all different. And already perfect! If we allow us to be ourselves…

PS: the picture is not from Barcelona, there is no street cats there. This is a cute Istanbuli that comes for food and works as a security guard at our place. Unique, with completely black eyes!

Пт, 20 ноября 2015, 8 лет назад

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