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Я очень люблю делиться с друзьями и родными всем тем, что меня радует, что мне интересно. Поэтому я и затеяла блог – чтобы поделиться с Вами всем тем полезным и интересным, что я узнаю или использую. Всем, что помогает мне быть более удовлетворенной жизнью, счастливой и, конечно, энергичной – а как иначе может жить коуч Энергетического лидерства.

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6 лет назад
Пт, 24 ноября 2017

Lead your Energy 18: Love or Fear? What is your intention…

Gary Zukav- The New Perception of Community with Oprah Winfrey

I’m really passionate about Energy Leadership, and in many cases, my view of the situations, movies, books, people are affected by it. I feel the Energy. And I want to share with you a great conversation of Oprah and Gary Zukav. Oprah was telling her story that she read Gary’s book “Seat of the soul” and everything that happened since is a result of the clarity of intention. This is the effect of the book, and particularly one sentence for her and many people benefiting from it. What...

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7 лет назад
Вт, 2 августа 2016

Treat people around you with Love

Dear Friends, today I want to share with you my 5th idea about holistic living approach... Feeling lonely, isolated from others leads to ageing. Number of heart attacks and death rate is growing among people who recently became a widow, or lost their job. Emotional connection to people around us is very important, but the tendencies in our society are very different. People work long hours, spend time watching TV or play computer games, moving from one place to another, and all these reduce...

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