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We are each a product of our own belief system

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Good wonderful morning, my Friends. I wish you all a great start of the week!

Let’s talk about “We are each a product of our own belief system”. We know that there are no two people who experience the world in the same way. We’re all different. Everyone experiences life through “filters” of his or her personal history. The interesting thing about belief systems is that if they are not serving you in a favorable way, they can be changed to ones that are more in alignment with your values. If we ask ourselves “how else can I look at the situation?” and concentrate, we can find quite a number of possible answers. They might be all valid for some other people in similar situation. Why not for us? This question usually helps me widen my perspective, and also understand other people better…

Today I’d like to share with you what I have learned from 21-Day Meditation Experience “ Become what you believe” by Oprah&Deepak. You may listen a day 1 for free using the link below:


I can’t say that I reached the depth of mediation that I want to during this two weeks, it is still to come, but I had a chance to analyze deeper if my beliefs are clear and pure, or limited and conditioned. Conditions, that limit our beliefs, make us search for proof from outside, not within us, and expect something from others. But if belief is pure and clear, we just know that it is a fact and it is within us, then there is no need to search for proof from outside.  Let me clarify it: if I believe that all people are kind and have good intentions, I will not have any doubts inside me, my actions, thoughts and feelings will be very clear. But if I believe that some people are kind and have good intentions and some not  (you see the conditions), then I will have doubts when I interact with people, no clarity in feelings and thoughts…

Imagine, how different can be our life if we have pure beliefs of Love, Self-worth, Feeling Secure and Feeling Whole.


PS: Street cats of Istanbul are usually afraid of people. This little one is not. I’ve rescued him from the high wall. He allowed me to pet, and then I saw him once again being fed by a nice lady. For me this is an example of pure belief that Universe has all the great things for us…

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