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Life offers neither problems, nor challenges, only opportunities

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Today I want to share my favourite principle: “Life offers neither problems, nor challenges, only opportunities”.Sir Winston Churchill said: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty!”If we call something problem, or issue, we create disempowering judgement. All the situations provide an opportunity for learning, taking lessons, gaining experience and growth. Also, if you see opportunity in all the situations you see life much more optimistically.A recent example... We’re planning to visit a birthday party abroad, and initially thought to go there for 3 days. I booked a hotel with a little longer period for our visa application. And then learned that I chose a non-refundable option of booking by mistake. In the hotel, that I did not check properly, and not sure about location in the big city. Big disappointment! But now… Instead of 3 days, we’re going for 8. And the hotel is by the sea. With a pool.I would definitely not able to find opportunity to convince my boyfriend to stop working and have a long break, as he has a busy time at work. If not this opportunity!Looking forward to hear what you think, and about your ability to see opportunities everywhere. As the way we see any situation completely depends on us...
Ср, 18 ноября 2015, 8 лет назад

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