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Я очень люблю делиться с друзьями и родными всем тем, что меня радует, что мне интересно. Поэтому я и затеяла блог – чтобы поделиться с Вами всем тем полезным и интересным, что я узнаю или использую. Всем, что помогает мне быть более удовлетворенной жизнью, счастливой и, конечно, энергичной – а как иначе может жить коуч Энергетического лидерства.

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4 года назад
Пт, 11 августа 2017

Day 81 completion of "10 secrets to success and inner peace"

Dear Friends,  Today I want to share with you what’s changed for me by living with “10 secrets to success and inner peace” of Weyne Dyer for more than 2 months. Whether I’m closer to success and inner peace? I know what direction is easier, and what are the blocks. I know that only with trust to a concept or Guru (teacher) it is going to work. Trust, discipline, and focus are 3 keys that opening a door for change. I’m definitely still on the way to inner peace. My mind, as any...

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5 лет назад
Пн, 15 августа 2016

Learn and grow constantly

Holistic Living Idea #6

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”– Mahatma Gandhi   Human being is learning all his life, getting some new knowledge and information, otherwise it is impossible to survive in a fast changing world. Does it make sense to spend time, effort and money to get this knowledge? Learning, on top of other benefits, helps a person to preserve a sharp memory, be a quick thinker and fast decision maker. Learning process helps to develop such useful...

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