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I like to share everything that makes me feel good, that is interesting with my friends and family. This is why I started the blog: so I can share with you all the useful and interesting, that I learn and use, everything that helps me to be more satisfied with my life, happy and energetic. I think this is the only way to live for the Energy Leadership Coach.

Enjoy the reading and watching!

8 years ago
Sat, March 500, 2016

We either grow or die

Good spring day my Friends, Spring is a good time for this topic, as we’re similar to plants: either growing or dying… And I’m not talking about physical death, when our body and mind stop function physically. But about our spiritual, mental death which is opposite to our growth and development. Just imagine you’re doing absolutely the same job for years, having your daily routine with no changes. Nothing new. And your brain does not have any exercise to practice, as everything that...

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8 years ago
Sun, November 1500, 2015

Doing is work, being is effortless

Dear Friends,  I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with people I love, such as yourselves. And I’d like to share all I have learned while studying at IPEC. 33 IPEC foundation principles is the first thing that came to my mind. This is IPEC life philosophy, and it helps to see the world as a beautiful place to be. If you truly live it…I’ll start with one, , and looking forward to hear your thoughts…“Doing is work, being is effortless”.If you're doing what you want,...

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