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We either grow or die

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Good spring day my Friends,

Spring is a good time for this topic, as we’re similar to plants: either growing or dying… And I’m not talking about physical death, when our body and mind stop function physically. But about our spiritual, mental death which is opposite to our growth and development.

Just imagine you’re doing absolutely the same job for years, having your daily routine with no changes. Nothing new. And your brain does not have any exercise to practice, as everything that you do is very familiar…  It is very comfortable. But boring, right? No growth, no changes. Sometimes we meet people like this. And you can recognize them looking in the eyes, where you do not see any desires, any enthusiasm, but no peace either. Fears… Self-pity… Anger at times… You do not have much to talk about. And it might not be very comfortable to be near-by.

But we all have a choice. And spring is a beautiful time to grow, to blossom, to start something new, and to make a Positive Change…

What can we do for people around us that look like the description above? I think, no judgment, no criticism is a way. Everyone’s journey is unique. And every one of us is an author of it, and the actor in it.

What can we do if we feel that stagnation within us, may be even bigger then us, and there is no way out? There is… Taking a new path to your work, calling friends you have not seen for ages, starting a new activity: sports, clubs, trips, or even doing things that you were postponing for ages… Just a little baby step out of routine. For sure, it will be a start of a new way.

As for me, I’m organizing Energetic Breakfast program for corporate clients and Positive Change program for individual clients, that allows me to meet so many wonderful people, who are eager to grow together with me, I’m following diet and doing my morning walks.  And, of course, reading books. Now it is Irvin Yalom.

Would be nice to hear about your growth plans…

Have a wonderful spring!

PS: there might be nice things out of the comfort zone…

Sat, March 500, 2016, 8 years ago

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