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I like to share everything that makes me feel good, that is interesting with my friends and family. This is why I started the blog: so I can share with you all the useful and interesting, that I learn and use, everything that helps me to be more satisfied with my life, happy and energetic. I think this is the only way to live for the Energy Leadership Coach.

Enjoy the reading and watching!

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#Best Year Ever

7 years ago
Wed, January 400, 2017

How you can turn a negative experience into opportunity

I strongly believe that the Best Year Ever depends more on the inner state than the outer circumstances. And of course, outer circumstances will change following the inner state. So, today I’ll share with you an approach I’ve started to use recently, and I hope it will  make your life more pleasant, as well as interesting and rewarding (when you feel Yes, I can do it!) A story behind... Shortly before the New Year I had to spend a week in a quite toxic environment. Usually I try...

#Opportunities #Negative experience #Best Year Ever 

7 years ago
Fri, December 3000, 2016

Happy Best Year Ever!

My Dear Friends! Let's dream big and make it happen! Let coming year be Simply the Best one ever! Full of love, peace and joy! I'm starting a new blog on how my best year will evolve, and will be happy to see you with me in this journey. It's possible alone, but easier together.

#Best Year Ever 

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