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How you can turn a negative experience into opportunity

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I strongly believe that the Best Year Ever depends more on the inner state than the outer circumstances. And of course, outer circumstances will change following the inner state. So, today I’ll share with you an approach I’ve started to use recently, and I hope it will  make your life more pleasant, as well as interesting and rewarding (when you feel Yes, I can do it!)

A story behind... Shortly before the New Year I had to spend a week in a quite toxic environment. Usually I try to minimise my interactions with toxic people, and limit my presence in the places I do not like, but there are situations when “I choose to”. You can imagine the type of emotions that I experienced at times: anger, frustration, self-pity etc. And all of them are based on toxic thoughts… As Robin Sharma says, we have to “Master our mind”, which he compares with “Magnificent garden”. So, my garden started to have some weeds that need to be eliminated. You know, negative thoughts are very easy to grow, as weeds in the garden.

The simple method that I’ve developed together with my coach (thank you, Carolyn) is to catch the moment when I feel angry or frustrated. And ask myself “What is the lesson for me here?” or “What is the opportunity here?” Life continues to teach us until we learn the lesson well. So this method will allow me to be a good student and learn quickly, as well as see the situations from a different perspective.  Now I’m looking forward to challenging situations!

You might start applying it also when you experience “negative” emotions. Or adopt the questions the way you like. Just try to catch yourself timely and switch your analytical brain. Let’s not allow anger and frustration to occupy our minds, destroy our bodies and mood.

NB: Sometimes I’m missing out, as emotions are much stronger than brain, but I will not give up. Will develop a habit within 21 day!

Wed, January 400, 2017, 7 years ago

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