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Our level of true awareness is directly related to luck of judging

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Dear Friends,

We are all living in duality –light/dark, good/bad, right/wrong, hot/cold, happy/sad etc. One side of duality judges things as positive, another one – as negative. To move away from this duality and experience the moment, without judging the event or a person, just live the life as it is, might be the way to bring a peace and harmony within us and in the world. Of course, all our life, our past experiences taught us different approach. We know from our childhood, what is good what is not, what is right and what is wrong… But everyone of us can shift the perspective, if we really want to. So, we become kinder to ourselves and others. Because every one of us is making the best choices we can, based on our set of beliefs, experiences, opinions on “what is good, what is not”.

Let me tell you a story…

You know my passion about cats in Istanbul.  So, when we moved to our new place, a young black eye cat started to visit us for breakfast. She was very scared of people, either because something happened to her in the past, or may be she can’t see properly. Who knows? She was waiting for us to leave the food and go away, and then she could come and eat. It took us 6 month to explain her that people can be good. Now she allows us to touch her, and she does not start eating if we do not pet her.

Might not sound directly about the topic? But, if you change the view about the world, it gets much more friendly, welcoming you, proving that there is enough of everything for us. That there is no right or wrong, Things are just the way they are. Perfect…

Imagine your inner state without doubts what is right, what is not. You analyze the situation, make a decision and move forward. And you do not judge yourself about the choice you’ve made, or behavior you’ve demonstrated, you just move forward, confidently knowing that you’re doing your best. And you do not judge others around you, as they are doing their best also, they can’t do differently at the moment… How much more space for joy and peace will be there, within you. And in the world…

Have a wonderful day!

Wed, February 1700, 2016, 8 years ago

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