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Meditation is a great way to get rid of stress and find harmony

Idea #10 of Holistic Living Series

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Dear Friends

Today I want to share Idea #10 of Holistic Living Series. Сегодня и на русском языке - после английского.

Meditation is a very simple, yet powerful method to relax. Our stress, that speeds up an ageing process, slowly goes away when we mediate. During meditation our breath and heart rhythm slows down, blood pressure goes down, as well as a stress hormone (cortisol). Due to its nature, meditation calms our brain, and the body can also relax when the brain is calm and peaceful.

Research shows, that people, who is following meditation practice regularly, experience less symptoms of high blood pressure, cardio diseases and other diseases caused by stress. Also, most recent studies proved that meditation practice can help to restore our brain. Research of Massachusets Hospital proved that in 8 weeks from the start of meditation, patients not only felt themselves more calm, but scientists notes changes in different parts of the brain managing memory, empathy, self-awareness, ability to manage stress. These research prove that our brain has ability to change and grow at any time of our life-cycle. And we can develop it and keep it young and productive if we start regular meditation.

Dictionaries and encyclopedia give a lot of definition of this term, I like the most the one below:

It is a type of deep cogitation about some subject, spiritual truth, other idea, when one feels disconnected from external factors, having sense of elimination of all the factors disturbing one’s attention: external (sound, light) and internal (physical, emotional, intellectual tension).

There are a lot of kinds and approaches to meditation. Everyone of us can search internet, visit meditation groups or seminars, ask friends and find the way that works for you.

Do not get frustrated if you can’t be successful or find something you feel connected to immediately. Continue your search and your meditation will find you. Continue, even if you do not feel any effect, and your body is in pain and your mind is full of various ideas after a week or two. As any exercise, it takes time to “develop a muscle”. Usually it takes 21 day to develop a habit. And this is not an exception.

I’m still learning, and want to share the tips that work for me. Looking forward to hear about yours.

  • Important is to sit in a meditation posture with a straight back (use support of the wall if needed), it allows energy to circulate smoothly.
  • If you’re a beginner, you can sit on a book of 5-10 cm located under your spine, on the floor. It will make siting in meditation posture easier. You can put pillows under your knees, so they have support, and you do not get tired very quickly.
  • You can start from learning equal breathing (count lengths of inhalation and make sure exhalation is the same lengths) observing yourself breathing for a few minutes. Return your attention to breathing every time your thoughts are getting destructed.  You’ll realize that 2-3 minutes of this exercise will already make your brain calmer. Breathing is very important component of meditation practice.
  • The best time for mediation is in the morning, before checking your messages etc, so your brain is still relaxed after sleep. If this is not possible, it should not be immediately after meal.
  • During the day, if you want to concentrate or relax your brain, get rid of stress before taking a decision or having important conversation, just close your eyes and make 5 slow deep breaths.

My best wishes on the way to be healthy, relaxed and productive!

Mon, October 300, 2016, 6 years ago

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