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Я очень люблю делиться с друзьями и родными всем тем, что меня радует, что мне интересно. Поэтому я и затеяла блог – чтобы поделиться с Вами всем тем полезным и интересным, что я узнаю или использую. Всем, что помогает мне быть более удовлетворенной жизнью, счастливой и, конечно, энергичной – а как иначе может жить коуч Энергетического лидерства.

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6 лет назад
Чт, 5 октября 2017

Lead your Energy 10: How to see opportunities everywhere?

Hello, my dear friends, This episode is about opportunities, about this beautiful light feeling that everything is easy, and people are beautiful. It is about Energy Level 5. I’m giving 3 recommendations how to get there. By listening to this 7 min episode you can continue your self-evaluation of Energy Levels. I’ll be very glad to hear from you about your ways to reach this state.

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6 лет назад
Ср, 27 сентября 2017

Lead your Energy 8: "The Caregiver" or 4th Energy Level

Dear Friends, The Caregiver is a next, 4th, Energy Level that we explore today. I’ll explain about it, and also give some recommendations on how to protect it by taking care about yourself. “We can not share what we do not have” is one of my favorite quotes of Weyne Dyer. I have a lot of this energy, energy of Caregiver, and started to work on lifting it up, so I do not judge people by deciding that they need help. Would be great to hear what you think about this energy? How it helps...

#Caregiver #Olga Gurskaya #Level 4 #Energy Leadership 

6 лет назад
Пт, 22 сентября 2017

Lead your Energy 7: Gratitude makes miracles

Dear Friends, Gratitude makes miracles, and definitely helps to elevate Energy Level. How? This is what I’m sharing with you today. And Thank you, my friends, for sharing it with anyone who might also benefit from learning about it. By spreading this message we will hopefully create more gratitude in the world. For me receiving a sign of a sincere gratitude is definitely one of the most pleasant things. How’s it for you?

#Olga Gurskaya #Gratitude #Energy Leadership 

6 лет назад
Пн, 18 сентября 2017

Lead your Energy 6: “Rationaliser”, the level of energy allowing to shift from problems to solutions

Dear Friends, In the Energy Leadership™ Concept there are 7 core energy levels. 1-2 are catabolic, or negative, and the rest are anabolic, productive. Today we talk about level 3 – the level of Rationalizer. With this energy people are able to collaborate, to see solutions instead of problems, to be optimistic, and develop “Plan B” if ‘Plan A” does not work. In the episode I explain you how to recognise this level of energy and how to do a self-evaluation of your Energetic...

#Anabolic Energy #Olga Gurskaya #Level 3 #Energy Leadership 

6 лет назад
Чт, 14 сентября 2017

My favourite simple 1 min breathing exercise to release catabolic energy

Dear Friends, In previous episodes, we’ve talked about the energy of conflict and victim, and various ways to cope with it. I want to demonstrate you one very useful “quick fix” that might not solve your problems by itself, but will definitely help you to become the one to do it. Let’s breathe together! As I mentioned in the video please drop me a message if you want to learn more breathing exercises. I’m really passionate about it as a way to calm our mind and harmonise our body,...

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