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Lead your Energy 6: “Rationaliser”, the level of energy allowing to shift from problems to solutions

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Dear Friends,

In the Energy Leadership™ Concept there are 7 core energy levels. 1-2 are catabolic, or negative, and the rest are anabolic, productive. Today we talk about level 3 – the level of Rationalizer. With this energy people are able to collaborate, to see solutions instead of problems, to be optimistic, and develop “Plan B” if ‘Plan A” does not work.

In the episode I explain you how to recognise this level of energy and how to do a self-evaluation of your Energetic Profile, as well as how to shift your energy higher. Why? The higher your dominant energy level, the more satisfied with your life, productive and successful you can be.

Пн, 18 сентября 2017, 6 лет назад

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