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Certified Energy Leadership Coach, PCC ICF

Truth exists regardless of belief or consensus

Good morning Friends!

If everyone in the world would believe that the world is flat, would it be flat?

Some things are Truth whether you believe them or not… Wise people question everything! It might not be a good idea to believe anything at first exposure, and most importantly, do not believe anything that you think may be limiting yourself in anyway. True is who you think you are, and Truth is who you really are…

Recently I’ve attended a Russian-German colloquium on Executive coaching, met a lot of wonderful people, and learned a lot. One idea resonated with me a lot. It is from the book of Jeffrey Pfeffer. “Leadership BS”. He says, that majority of people wants positivity, but in reality what they need is Truth. And it sounds very true for me. But…I also want to be positive, see and attract positive things. And I talk to my clients and friends about it, explaining that our life is much more powerful if we pay attention to the good, positive sides of it. But what about Truth in this case, where is it? May be my ideas are in conflict with this statement?

I found an answer for myself and want to hear what you think…

Yes, it is important to see the “reality” (it is in brackets because each of us has his own reality). But if we view the world from a place of Love, from a place of No Judgment, then the world that we see and experience is friendly to us, “positive”. And if we have some “developmental feedback” to share with people around us, it comes from a place of Love, Appreciation, Care about the person.

I’m sure that every one of us met young mothers who are thinking that their baby is so beautiful, while for us it is just a normal, cute little one… And where is the Truth?

For me, it is coming together with Love. This is where I see the Truth. Love to the people around us, nature, culture, history, future, to the World and to ourselves.

Thu, February 2500, 2016, 8 years ago

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