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Treat people around you with Love

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Dear Friends, today I want to share with you my 5th idea about holistic living approach...

Feeling lonely, isolated from others leads to ageing. Number of heart attacks and death rate is growing among people who recently became a widow, or lost their job. Emotional connection to people around us is very important, but the tendencies in our society are very different. People work long hours, spend time watching TV or play computer games, moving from one place to another, and all these reduce our ability to establish emotional contact.

Emotional connection is essential. It is important to keep the existing bonds with your family and friends, and to create new ones. Hours, spent next to the computer or TV, navigating in social media or playing games, even work, can’t replace a conversation with your friend or a loved one, a game with your child or a talk with your parents. Why? Because you can’t get that sense of being loved, understood, cared about, that you can feel only in human relationships filled with Love.

Find a time for Love every day. It is the secret of youth for you and people around you. Protect your relationships, care about them, like a treasure, and it means dedicate some time for it. You may ask: ”Where can I find this time?”. And I have an answer: “Absence of time is a matter of priorities”. Play with your child, talk to your parents, meet friends, hug your loved one (who is also always busy), just stop and feel how beautiful it is when you’re understood and supported.

Sometimes we feel so frustrated and tired, sometimes so angry and upset with people around us that it seems as if there is no Love inside us. But there is. Just dig deeper. During a conflict, instead of shouting and trying to prove that you’re right if you reply to your spouse that you love him and feel so sorry that he’s frustrated about so and so (which is true), hug him and focus your efforts on peace and love, the outcome will be peace and love. As there should be two parties for conflict. Nothing else can give you such an energy boost as Love!

Have a wonderful summer day filled with Love

Tue, August 200, 2016, 7 years ago

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