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Nothing exists in isolation of anything else

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Good beautiful morning Friends,

Today I feel like thinking with you about “Nothing exists in isolation of anything else”. Chaos theory shows us how a butterfly flapping its wings in China can be instrumental in causing a tornado in New York. We are each intimately connected to everything else, at all times, everywhere. We’re not just where we think we are, coming from our past, but our actions create implications in all aspects of our own and others futures.

As a coach, I have a vision to touch lives of 1000 people each year and help them to live more purposeful, happier and joyful life, sharing the wisdom that I’ve learned. I’ve developed a plan how to get there. One of the steps is to have 10 active coaching clients by the end of this year. I’ve reached this number, and even exceeded slightly ahead of my plan. And want to thank you for all the support you’re giving me.

I do believe that our efforts to change the world to a better place in any way we can are especially important these days. When the feeling of security is disappearing from life of many people. We were all frustrated, and some of us unfortunately affected by recent terrorist activities. Now we have a political instability between Russia and Turkey. For me, it was difficult to imagine that there might be developments in the world that might affect my ability to live together with the person I love. I thought that it is completely personal choice. But it might be not, it might be a political question. So, let’s be those butterflies that will eventually help people in the world to live in peace with each other  happily, joyfully, secure.

PS: Cats and a seagul are waiting for the fish…

Tue, December 100, 2015, 8 years ago

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