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Life is a perfect adventure; a game that can’t be won or lost, only played

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December is usually a time when we’re “closing the year”: doing our best to finish things as planned, preparing for the celebrations and many of us are thinking… What’s happened, what’s not, how was the year and why? Me too... It was a year of a big change. And, of course, as a Finance Director, I’ve planned how it should be, what should happen and when. You know, how finance people like to control, right? Not everything was going as planned. There are many areas that are outside of my control and affecting me. There are areas that I can control, but I do not have energy to change. And there is me, who I study day by day, as it is completely different me compared to a year ago… A big surprise!

And one of big lessons that I’ve learned this year:

Instead of trying to control things and create what must or should happen, it is much more enjoyable to experience the excitement of not knowing what “might” happen. There is no need to try to control anything. Be free from need. Without expectations, there cannot be disappointments. Ironically, once you give up a need to control, you gain the control.

This might sound not a grounded learning, hardly applicable for people with deadlines, targets, meetings, alignments etc. But it is not! If we have our vision, if we’re passionate about what we’re doing, Universe supports us in two ways. One: our efforts are rewarded, and in many cases we come very close to our vision, or, surprisingly, get something even nicer. And two: the process of getting there is exсiting.  We are not moving against the current, we’re flowing with it. We just have to be Brave!

I want to thank so many great people around me who is making my life adventure a great game.

PS: Time to celebrate is coming

Thu, December 1700, 2015, 8 years ago

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