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Certified Energy Leadership Coach, PCC ICF

Lead your Energy3: say "No" to frustration about things you cannot influence

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In the 3rd episode of “Lead your Energy” I’ll talk about ways to get less frustrated and worried about things that are outside of our area of influence or control. So we keep our energy high for the great things to happen. We all know that there are things we can control, we can influence and the rest, that is outside of our control or influence. Many people get worried and frustrated about this latter part, that we cannot affect irrespectively of how much we want it. And it creates a lot of negative, catabolic energy draining us.

I will share the secrets that help me to minimize or eliminate this impact. It really works, if you practice.

Looking forward to hearing if you agree that it might work for you also.

Thu, September 700, 2017, 6 years ago

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