Olga Gurskaya

Certified Energy Leadership Coach, PCC ICF

Lead your Energy 27: Truth vs Lies

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Dear Friends, We all been told not to lie when we were children. But we are not always following it in our complex world. For different reasons. Good ones, and other ones… Just to make life easier, or trying to keep the relationships, or not willing to hurt someone, or not being able to keep some information for yourself. I’ll talk about how it affects us energetically and also how we can follow the second golden rule of Yoga, which is Truth. Can you imagine, if a person practice this rule to the perfection, the words he says become True. Learn about the conditions of it in this 5 min video.

At the end of the video, I’m asking you a question. Will be happy to see your answer in a message to me.

Wed, February 2800, 2018, 6 years ago

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