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I wish all your dreams to come true, and here's a helpful tip

Part 1

My Dearest Friends,

End of the year is time to celebrate successes and create a vision for the New Year. In Russia, we usually make a wish when the Kremlin Clock is beating 12 times while opening Champaign, pouring  it into all the glasses and drinking it to make sure that dreams come true.

This is a great method. But I want to offer you something different. A Vision Board! You may see mine that I’ve created in 2009, and everything I wished there came true! This might be a very fun and useful way to start your wonderful year with family and friends. With your kids also! I'll tell you how to make it...


A little bit of theory

Your brain will work tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind. And when those statements are the affirmations and images of your goals, you are destined to achieve them! Creating a vision board is probably one of the most valuable visualization tools available to you. This powerful tool serves as your image of the future - a tangible representation of where you are going. It represents your dreams, your goals, and your ideal life.

Because your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation-by representing your goals with pictures and images-you will actually strengthen and stimulate your emotions...  and your emotions are the vibrational energy that activates the Law of Attraction. The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words,” certainly holds true here.


How to create a Vision Board

Put a nice music, if you wish, and have fun doing it together with your friends, or your spouse, or the whole family as one of a nice gathering after New Year Celebration. Find pictures that represent or symbolize the experiences, feelings, and possessions you want to attract into your life, and place them in your board. Use photographs, magazine cutouts, pictures from the Internet--whatever inspires you. Be creative. Include not only pictures, but anything that speaks to you.

Consider including a picture of yourself in your board. If you do, choose one that was taken in a happy moment. You will also want to post your affirmations, inspirational words, quotations, and thoughts here. Choose words and images that inspire you and make you feel good.

You can use your vision board to depict goals and dreams in all areas of your life, or in just one specific area that you are focusing on.  Keep it neat, and be selective about what you place in your vision board. Use only the words and images that best represent your purpose, your ideal future, and words that inspire positive emotions in you. There is beauty in simplicity and clarity. Too many images and too much information will be distracting and harder to focus on.


How to use your Vision Board

Try keeping your wonderful Vision Board in a place where you see it regularly.  Especially powerful if you see it before going to bed, and spend some time visualizing. The thoughts and images that are present in your mind during the last forty-five minutes before going to sleep are the ones that will replay themselves repeatedly in your subconscious mind through¬out the night, and the thoughts and images that you begin each day with will help you to create a vibrational match for the future you desire.

As some time goes by, and your dreams begin to manifest, look at those images that represent your achievements, and feel gratitude for what you already achieved in your life. Acknowledge that it is working. Achievement of the goals in your vision board are powerful visual reminders of what you have already consciously and deliberately attracted into your life.


 Final thoughts on using your Vision Board:

  • Look at your vision board often and feel the inspiration it provides.

  • Read your affirmations and inspirational words aloud.

  • Imagine yourself living in that manner.

  • Feel yourself in the future you have designed.

  • Believe it is already yours.

  • Be grateful for the good that is already present in your life.

  • Look at it just before going to bed.

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