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Set and follow morning ritual

Idea #9 from Holistic Living series

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My dear friends, here is the Idea #9 from Holistic Living series. All that I share with you, I practice myself, and you may ask for any clarifications. Happy to share more about my experiences...

Reading about life of great people, we can find some similarities. And one of them is a morning ritual, without rush, that sets a base for a great day. If we start our day in a hurry, getting late, having a bite on the way, we set a base for the day to evolve in rush. If we start it calmly, without hurries, the calmness will be with us all the day. It is obvious, that having our usual tempo in life, starting the day without rush and being calm looks impossible. How is it possible, when kids should be taken to school, traffic is always there, and it is so nice to have a bit more sleep? But if you dedicate 30 min or one hour for yourself, doing your morning exercise while everyone is asleep, or writing words of gratitude in your journal, walking in beautiful morning streets and welcoming the sunrise, meditating or doing breathing exercise… See what works for you best, do it everyday and finish with a beautiful smile, welcoming another wonderful day of your life. After this ritual you’ll see the difference, helping kids to get ready to school with completely different mood, traffic will be seen from a different perspective, tasks will be easy and things will go smooth. Your day will start and continue differently.

It is not easy to find this 30 min in the morning. But it will be worth it! You’ll definitely realise it… when your ritual becomes a habit. You’ll see that you’re much more productive, with better mood, having more energy…

It takes at least 21 day to develop a habit. If instead of waking up at 7, you’ll put the alarm at 6, it is going to be very difficult to get up at first. But a human being gets used to almost anything. Be persistent! Be consistent! And you’ll enjoy the results. Do not forget, that you’ll have to go to bed a bit earlier to make sure that you have 7-8 hours of quality sleep. Develop some signals for yourself that you’re going to bed soon, help your brain to relax and prepare for sleeping. For example, at 9-30PM you have a little glass of herbal tea with your favorite book or relaxing music, nice shower and go to sleep at 10PM.

Good luck, early birds!

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