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Dream and set goals

Idea#8 from Holistic Living Series

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“If one does not know to which
port one is sailing,
no wind is favorable.”
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Every one of us has dreams, but not everyone set goals. What is the difference? Dreams are passive, they are not necessarily a call for action. It does not move us anywhere, it stays as an unachievable fairytale. The goals are active, they guide and direct our actions towards their achievement.

Life without goals is a boring and not very bright. Goal is an inspiration, it makes us move day by day. It helps us to overcome challenges and difficulties, as a lighthouse that guides the way forward.

Not everyone clearly understands the reason of their existence, purpose of life. For sure, this is something to think about and dedicate time to reflect on it. If you know and feel the purpose, life becomes purposeful, full of harmony. And every day you can measure the success against it, check if you’re coming closer to it or not. But it is not easy to find a purpose of life for many of us. What can we do? Many things…

We can turn our dream into a goal by making steps towards it, creating a plan and move forward with enthusiasm.

We can create a yearly plan that includes our goal in professional life, in the family, and for ourselves. And we can regularly compare where we are with it, even daily. For example, putting pluses or minuses in the calendar.

Creating a weekly agenda is also a brilliant idea. The best day for it is Sunday evening, and you should mark all the events: business, family, private in the organizer or a big piece of paper. Good practice is to develop a weekly goal, the ones that will move you closer to your yearly target. And every week write this big goal on top of your weekly planner or calendar.

Setting an intention for every meeting, conversation, task is another very useful practice. For example, if you want your counterpart to see you as a professional, have him interested in your proposal, and learn his approach to the business, you should tell it to yourself, or even write it before the meeting. The chance that the intention will come true is very high.

Of course, goal setting should go together with the hard work. You may be successful on the way, or there may be challenges that can help you to correct the route to your goal. Correction of your plan is also a possible option. And intuition is a very good advisor in case you better turn to another direction and shift to plan “B” or continue with the previous one.

Let’s make dreams come true! It’s all in our hands!

Sun, September 1100, 2016, 7 years ago

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