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Change the perspective to your body and aging

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Good morning Dear Friends, 

Today I'll share my 2nd idea from holistic living series.

Our impressions, our view of something depends on our interpretation of the event that we are experiencing. Things that we’re considering as our “reality”, including our body and age, is under the influence of our perspective. Majority of people view their body as static, biological mechanism. You can start seeing it as energetic field, always transforming and renewing.

Pay attention to the inner dialog that you have around your body and age. If you say that “It’s time to wear reading glasses”, “I’m too old to start yoga practices”, “I’ve inherited high blood pressure from my father” or similar phrases, take a decision and look at what is happening from a different angle. Remember, that your body cells are reacting at what you think and what you speak. If you do not want your “family illnesses” to attack your body, do not nourish such thoughts. Think about good stuff! At any point of time there is a possibility to see your body, your age from a positive perspective, find things to be thankful about and share your gratitude with the Universe. And give your body an opportunity to demonstrate more abilities than yesterday, proving its power and limitlessness.

This year, at the age of 47, I’ve started Yoga. And in Yoga school in India, 3 days after my arrival, probably at the 10th Yoga class in my life, they said: “Now do the headstand. You can.” I was wondering “How can I?” And everyone commented that the limitation is in your head, just do the moves, feel the balance and trust that it is safe. And it is (of course with proper guidance, please do not try without it). Our body can do much more than we think it can! Just let is go!

Thu, June 3000, 2016, 7 years ago

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