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The answers to all questions lie within

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Good morning my friends. This principle is a cornerstone of coaching. The coach knows that the client has all the best answers for himself, as there is no other person who knows the situation better than the client. And the coach helps the client to find the answer, have courage to face it, and words to formulate it. It is just matter of time, wording or energy until the answer is revealed for any question or challenge… by the client. This principle is also very useful in our day-to-day life. The wisdom of all ages is accessible to everyone. Not only you, but everyone is able to think outside the box, and find a solutions or a way to the solution…If you’re not thinking that you have answers for the other person, but instead helping to find the answer, the reward is going to be miraculous: great feeling for both of you, immediate buy-in and powerful energy to implement a solution.

There will be times when you’re given a credit for finding a solution, and it might be a much easier way to handle things at the moment. But remember that solutions that are found by other persons through guidance are the benefits not only for the present moment, but also a way for them to learn and grow.

A short story… I was a very busy Mum… And my son was not a very speedy one in getting ready, deciding what he wants, starting the homework etc. So, I used to prepare what to wear, decide where to go, what to buy, when to do what etc for Anton… And then we’ve spent time with Anton to convince him that it is a right thing to do. Now he’s an adult. And we do talk about various things as adults. It’s so nice!!! One of our regrets that we’ve discussed is my not-asking-but-deciding-for-him approach. Now it is very difficult for Anton to take decisions, to make choices, as there is no habit from the childhood. He’s learning, and I’m sure he’s going to be fine as he found this answer for himself…

Now I know that asking open-ended questions, inspiring our loved ones/colleagues/friends to find solutions, accept those solutions and the consequences of them is definitely a better way to follow.

Remember, the answers to all the questions lie within…

Mon, January 1100, 2016, 8 years ago

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