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Learn and grow constantly

Holistic Living Idea #6

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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever.”
– Mahatma Gandhi


Human being is learning all his life, getting some new knowledge and information, otherwise it is impossible to survive in a fast changing world. Does it make sense to spend time, effort and money to get this knowledge? Learning, on top of other benefits, helps a person to preserve a sharp memory, be a quick thinker and fast decision maker. Learning process helps to develop such useful qualities as ability to mobilise yourself and self-discipline, ability to present your thoughts clearly, increases concentration of your mind.

Constant search for something new, learning, reading, researching, searching is in the human nature. Look at small children: they are in a constant process of learning and they enjoy it a lot. Speed of learning and digesting the new knowledge is impressive. But what’s happened to adults? The ability to learn has improved, but the willingness to find out new things, to learn has disappeared?

The person, who stops in his development and growth, not willing to learn something new, to study again and again, begins to degrade and age very quickly. Scientists proved that the more a person learns, reads, have an interest in some knowledge field, the longer he lives and the chance to suffer from deceases of old people reduced significantly.

Knowledge makes one’s horizon wider, his world outlook changes. It helps to see the world, people and events from a different angle. In the process of learning the person is changing, and it means that his life is changing as well.  So, if you’re looking for changes, start learning.

Of course, there are other obvious benefits of getting a new knowledge, which is seeing more business opportunities, opportunities for career and professional growth, opportunities to share the knowledge with people around you, meet new interesting people, and, possibly, experience that beautiful feeling of excitement, satisfaction, joy and happiness, when you pass the difficult exam again, as in good old days in the university.

One more benefit, that I’ve experienced myself which helps to overcome difficult days: When you have a challenging period either in your personal life, or work and other areas of life, start learning, set yourself a target and do your best to reach it. You’ll see your stress going down.

Nowadays there are plenty of ways to learn: internet, courses, seminars, books – just chose what works for you. Important is not to have a single day to pass without new discoveries!

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