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Quality sleep is one of the secrets for productive days

Idea #11 from my Holistic Living Series. 

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My Dear Friends, majority of us know that enough sleep regularly is one of the secrets of good health and long life, but many people ignore it. There are even trends to reduce the number of hours for sleep. Not enough sleep is affects our immune system, makes our body imbalanced and less healthy. We all can recall the difference in the way we feel after a sleepless night and a good night when we wake up fresh and ready for a great day. On average a person needs from 6 to 8 hours of quality sleep every night. Quality means you do not take sleeping pills or alcohol to fall asleep, and sleep peacefully. When you wake up, if you feel energetic, it means that the sleep was enough and good quality, if not, there was no quality sleep.

The best time for quality sleep is between 10PM and 6AM. Scientists proved that the most efficient time to restore your body is between 10PM and 3AM. If you’re awake during these hours, your body will need much more time to rest. Not only timing is important: light dinner, finished before 7PM will help quality sleep, as digestion is not disturbing your sleep. Nice little walk after dinner is ideal. If you like to write, you can do some journaling, helping you to “dump” all the problems and issues. Think about relaxation practices that can help you to get a peaceful mood (we are all aware of these ideas, but rarely use them), and do introduce them to your evening routine. You’ll note significant difference in your health, productivity and moods when you reward yourself with the beautiful, quality sleep! It will be even bigger effect if you can do it together with your loved ones…Good night my dear friends!

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