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Where stress comes from?

Dear Friends, this is Idea#14 that is closing the series...

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In my holistic life series I’ve mentioned Yoga approach, and today I’d like to elaborate on stress and how it relates to our lifestyle, sharing the wisdom of one of the great Himalayan guru Swami Rama and my thoughts about it. Swami Rama said ”From where do your emotions arise? They arise from four primitive fountains called food, sleep, sex, and self-preservation. These fountains are called primitive, as they are the same as animals have. The difference is that Human has self-control, but an animal is controlled by nature. Therefore a human has to take responsibility for his own deeds and actions. If four primitive fountains are properly understood, arranged and regulated, there will be no stress.”

I had a challenge to agree on the direct link between these 4 fountains and stress, but I’ve learned to analyse my thoughts and emotions, and the link became much more clear. What I’ve learned that hunger or overeating, not enough sleep or too much sleep, create stress for my body and therefore for my mind. Yesterday I could not sleep well in the night, and all the day after I felt tension, emotional disbalance, unhappy mood. So, being moderate with food and responsible for what I eat and drink, as well as with just enough sleep is a way to provide myself with a “quality fuel” to enjoy life. I would never put cheap fuel from unknown petrol station into my car, similarly I’m eating only freshly cooked quality meals with no canned food, fat, fried, sweets, etc. Fruits and vegetables, a little bit of chicken or fish, nuts and plenty of water might sound as a strict diet, but it is my choice to keep the body working well.

What about sex and self-preservation? These factors affect mind first, and then body. Addiction to sex, or absence of it creates stress in one’s mind, and then the body suffers. So, as with food and sleep, this beautiful aspect of our life should be in harmony if we aim to live healthy and non-stressful life.

Self-preservation relates to fears. We’re feeling unsafe significant part of the day, majority of us not physically, but financially, ego-based, competing with others, non-trusting relationships etc. And fear invites danger. Which creates more stress. I noted, that being brave and confident brings success at best or “another try” at worst, but fears and lack of confidence bring “another try” at best or danger at worst.

So, here is the article of Swami Rama if you want to learn more http://www.swamij.com/swami-rama-four-fountains.htm and I wish you to develop self-control, and keep your body and mind clean, fresh and energetic. This is traditional old way to live without stress, and as Russian proverb says “A New is a long forgotten Old”. I wish you a stres-less 2017! And stay tuned for my new topics. Coming soon!

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