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The Universe makes sense

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When the year comes to an end, many of us are thinking and analyzing on how it evolved, what was good, what was not. We remember our happy moments, our losses and sad situations. And we look at things happening around us, and it is hard to understand many of them. Political developments, oil prices, terrorists actions…

This short view of life creates a feeling of purposelessness, victimization. The long term view holds the truth – that there is an underlying pattern and connection to all things that occur and exist. That all is happening for a reason. And if in retrospect we can always see the logic, the purpose, the meaning of things happening, then having faith in “grand design” while we’re in the middle of the situation is a very powerful way to leave the worries behind. And just know, that everything happening has its purpose, its connection.

This year was the first year when I had no nice monthly income, no stable job that I’m doing based on the company needs and rules, no big team that I’m part of, no corporate life… This is a year when I’m searching for an answer to the question: “What if having less give me a chance to be more?”, when I’m having a possibility to enjoy simple pleasures that I had no time for before. At times, I’m thinking if this is good for my family, for our future… You know, those voices of doubts and worries… Remembering that “Universe makes sense” helps to get back to faith, and feel better knowing that things will evolve in the best possible way for me, as well for my loved ones.

Чт, 31 декабря 2015, 8 лет назад

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