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Lead your Energy 19: What Limiting Beliefs are stopping you?

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My Dear Friends,

now you already know that the Spiritual Energy Influencer is the most powerful one: with purpose, your energy might double or triple when you’re moving towards it. Stories of ordinary people who became heroes while protecting their motherland from enemies, world records in sports when we see the energy coming surprisingly at the last moment, relatives caring about their loved ones experiencing some disease days and nights. We can make miracles when we believe. And vice versa… There might be beliefs that exist in our society about the world, the environment, the people and the way things should be, that are limiting us. And then we do not try something, or, even if we do, we do it with the belief in failure. And failure happens. How to recognize, what is stopping us, and limiting us. How to challenge it, and overcome. These are the topics of this 7 min episode.

In the middle of the video, I’m telling my story of challenging the beliefs. Would be great to hear yours. I know, that we all have these success stories, that we can remember when something is limiting us.

Вт, 28 ноября 2017, 6 лет назад

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