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I wish all your dreams to come true, and here's a helpful tip

Part 2

#New Year #IPEC Principles 

We have a family tradition. For the 8th year in a row we’re issuing a family newspaper. (You may see a picture of 3 of them). I’m an editor. A girlfriend of my nephew is a publisher. All the family members are the writers.

Shortly before the New Year I collect the wishes for the New Year and pictures from everyone. place it in one page. And on the other side of the paper we put a feedback about the wishes made a year ago.

It is so nice way to manifest your desires. And to see all the family members together everyday, even if you’re far away from each other. And to remember happy moments and the feeling of it.

The newspaper is very simple to produce, and very nice to give as a present for everyone in your family at New Year eve.

My best wishes in a coming year! And let all your dreams come true!

Пн, 28 декабря 2015, 7 лет назад

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