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Do what you love

Dear Friends, this is Idea#7 from my Holistic Living series

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Have you noted that it is difficult to stop looking at the person working with pleasure and passion? Irrespectively of what he or she does – selling flowers, making bread, teaching children in school or doing an exercise: the eyes are shining, expressing enthusiasm and passion. Or try to remember yourself, when you’re doing something you love. Time is flying. You’re not getting tired, or we’re not noting it. You can’t stop. Ideas are coming, and you want to implement all of them. The result is usually great. And you want to move further and further, to achieve even more and better.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, well-known American psychologist, called this as a Flow, when a person feels completely non-separated with the activity and the situation. People feel happy in a Flow and can achieve extraordinary results. Important that the complexity of the tasks correlates to the skills: it should not be too easy, but not impossible either, as the person will lose interest in both cases.

The person who does the job he likes is getting happier, and makes people around him happier as well. He is not doing his job, he expresses himself through it.  It is his way of living. The job you love is not a job, it is a way of being. Usually our job requires almost 50% of our 24-hour day. And it can either consume energy, limit our interest to live, or instead increase the energy and enthusiasm. Doing job you love makes your life full and joyful. And the time you spent for the job becomes not a lost time, but a time gained.

Many people are struggling to find the job they love to do. What can help to find an answer to this question? Learn to listen to yourself, be aware what activity makes you the most enthusiastic, brings the most joy. Try to be free from the expectations of society, find your own way. And be positive. Such thoughts can help you to find the activity, the job you love.

You can also find a joy, a pleasure in almost anything you do. We all can look at the same things from different perspectives and see different aspects of one object or situation. And in any activity we can find the things that we can be thankful for, or learn from, and do with love or excellence. And this might be another way to approach your duties. Just do it with Love!

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