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Day 73 of my «10 secrets for success and inner peace» journey
Secret 9 «Treasure your Divinity»

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I’m from USSR and grew up in the family of atheists. There was no believe in God in our family, but in ourselves, who are fully responsible for our lives (of course, to the extent we can influence it). And I’m still exploring God, Faith, Divinity and all these terms, which are very natural for many people who grew up believing. So, no comments on the implementation of this principle, except for another round of deep thinking about it. I know that there might be a moment when all this will become clear for me, but it has not come yet. Would be glad to hear your thought about the connection to God, Source, Universe, whatever it is for you… that might help me and others to advance in this direction…

And a quote from Weyne Dyer for today:

"You are a divine creation of God. You can never be separate from that which created you . . . While you're separated in your mind from your source, you lose your divine power, the power of your source. Just like the drop of water, you too will change form and ultimately return to your source. As long as you feel disconnected from God, you lose the power of your source, which is the unlimited power to create, to be miraculous, and to experience the joy of being alive."

PS: Summer in Moscow region is really beautiful

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