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Day 38 of my “10 secrets for success and inner peace” journey

Secret 6 – You Can't Solve a Problem with the Same Mind That Creates It

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Continue thinking on this topic… How to change the mindset that creates the problems, to the one that finds solutions. Especially when you’re so much troubled with the problem that you do not even believe a solution exists, or the problem can be solved, or you can try something and be successful.

Let me offer you an algorithm, and looking forward to hearing your feedback:

1. Faith or at least hope is very important. It is the base that you should either find or build on. Believe that if there is a question then there is a solution. Have faith that Universe does not send us a problem that we can’t cope with. That everything is going to be good at the end, and if not good, then it is not the end. Whatever works for you.

2. Think about the powerful question to answer. What is a powerful question? It is future oriented, solution focused, open-ended question. For example, “Why do I experience it?” is not a powerful question. But “What might be 10 different ways to solve this?” or “What can I do today to feel better?” are definitely powerful questions. The question you ask is very important! Think about the question, the answer will be coming…

3. Take care about yourself nicely: possibly good sleep, healthy meals (no junk food etc. as it creates negative energy), some little treats.

4. Look around for the answers to your questions: talk to people, listen to people stories, articles, occasional signs. The universe always helps those who are searching. 

There was a nice song in USSR: «Кто хочет — тот добьется, Кто ищет — тот всегда найдет» (The one who desires, will achieve. The one who is searching, will find). I love it.

What do you think about these steps?

And a quote of Wayne Dyer for today:

“It is this belief system that creates your so-called problems. If you can bring truth to the presence of these illusions, they will dissolve . . . all of your beliefs that create "problems" in your mind dissolve when you bring the higher energy of truth to them . . . problems exist as beliefs of your ego mind, which is unable to conceptualize an awareness of your spiritual mind, just as dark has no concept of light. By actually rewriting your agreement with reality, you can change your mind and send away any perceived problem"

PS: Once coming back home we found two little kittens on our terrace, in a house of our cat...

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