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Day 35 of my “10 secrets for success and inner peace” journey

Secret 5 “Give Up Your Personal History”

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Today is a day of Sheker Bayram (Eid Holiday) after a month of fasting in Muslim Countries. I want to wish a beautiful and peaceful day for all the friends that are celebrating. As I understand (and want to hear comments from my friends, if it is true) the month of fasting (suffering) is to prove your strengths and dedication to God, but also to understand how less fortunate people  live their life, be compassionate and value what we have.

Do you ever note how a simple thing can make a person happy? When you give some money to someone in need. Or buy lunch. Or play with a kid. Or smile…

Yesterday we were swimming in Bosphorus in a small park near us. Some poor (probably Syrian) kids were there next to us. Smiling, laughing, playing, talking to us. It is difficult to imagine what they were living through. And they are enjoying the moment. As we do.

Is not it a lesson to all of us, how to enjoy the moment?

And a quote of Weyne Dyer: "Don't let the elusive present moment get used up by thoughts that aren't in the here and now . . . you can consume your now with thoughts of "then" and "maybe," but that will keep you from the inner peace and success you could experience . . . Practice living in the moment, and refuse to allow any thoughts based on your past to define you. Stop and take notice of all that's in your immediate space- the people, creatures, vegetation, cloud formations, building designs, everything . . . you can begin by releasing your personal history from your repertoire of available excuses for why you're not living in peace."

What are your observations, my friends?

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