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Day 24 of my “10 secrets for success and inner peace” journey

Embrace Silence

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I want to share a story but a quote of Weyne Dyer first

" . . . just being in the energy field of those who meditate raises the serotonin levels of the observers . . . The more you achieve peacefulness through meditation, the more your peaceful state impacts those around you."

And with this I’d like to share a story of our trip to a small town in Turkey, Edirne with its beautiful Selimiye mosque. We went there with my boyfriend and it is a really beautiful peaceful place. He decided to pray there. We were in one of the corners, I was sitting next to him with the closed eyes. And it was one of the rare moments when I was experiencing a bliss. Without doing anything for it. Just being there, next to him.

I do not know how to pray, I’m from USSR. But I know that a prayer or meditation affects people around. When it comes from our heart…

I wish you a wonderful day, my dear friends, and would be happy to hear your stories…

Чт, 15 июня 2017, 7 лет назад

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