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Day 21 of my “10 secrets for success and inner peace” journey

Embrace Silence

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I continue my journey to explore the book of Weyne Dyer “10 secrets for success and inner peace”, and week 4 is about embracing silence…

I want to tell you a story about coaching… In the beginning of my coaching practice, when there is a pause, I was feeling uncomfortable, searching for something to say. Now I know that holding the pause is a very powerful moment. A moment when the thoughts are coming, the answers are created, and we should give time for it. Without worries, stress, or doubts. Now I know that the silence is a very powerful place to be. And this week I’ll make sure that there is a time to meditate, to be in nature and pay attention to peace and silence inside. Beginning of summer, with the beautiful sun rises is a great time to listen to the silence inside.

And one more quote of Weyne Dyer:

"When you're at peace, you radiate a different kind of energy than when you're stressed or depressed. The more peaceful you become, the easier you can deflect the negative energies of those you encounter. This is like having an invisible shield around you that nothing can penetrate unless it's at a higher spiritual energy than your shield . . . A person who attempts to bring you into their misery cannot succeed without your agreement. Your meditation practice keeps you immune. Not only can you deflect the negativity of those around you, but your sense of peace will bring others into harmony with you."

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