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Anyone's journey is as unique and valuable as any other's journey

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This is the last of 33 principles of my school, Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) I’ve shared with you. Will see what’s coming next…

We’re all different, and we live in the world where some people get more respect and appreciation than others. Some are welcomed with open doors, big smiles, and some are not allowed to many places. They do not even think to enter. Some consider themselves as very respected and valuable, some think they’re small and not worthy. But this is all relative… What are we without our titles? What are we doing to leave the world as a better place than the one we’ve entered?

Today I want to tell you about an old lady who is collecting garbage for recycling along the Bosporus. She is always smiling, welcoming people passing by. The ones who has more money and look more fortunate than her, they throw cans and bottles while enjoying the views. She makes our beautiful sea-side cleaner doing thousands steps per day. Is it a valuable life-journey?

Another story is about my sister… She has 3 sons, who grew up as very kind, smart, hard-working and handsome young men. Some time ago, she was always saying: ”You’re a successful women, a Finance Director, wealthy, good example for all of our family members”. I was always replying: “Look at you, your boys are the best thing a women can achieve”.

Who is right? Who’s life-journey is more valuable?

What I’ve learned as a coach, talking to more than 60 clients already, that anyone of us is trying our best to reach the goals we have, and to be happy. Let’s support each other in this, noticing everyone, as we’re not Big or Small.

Вс, 1 мая 2016, 8 лет назад

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