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Absolute Passion is the highest form of consciousness

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Dear Friends, I wish you a wonderful winter day. And want to talk about one of the principles that I was struggling to understand when I was studying in the Coaching school. But I was patient to wait until I understand the link between passion and consciousness, and now I think I feel it.

Consciousness is the way we understand ourselves, others.  And passion? Is a way we feel when we know that we love what we do so much, and there is nothing that can stop us from doing it, and we feel that we’re doing it so good that we do not have any fear to experiment, try new ways, we feel that we’re doing  “the right thing” even if it is the first time in our life. It is like a flow, like a bird flying with a current in the air, enjoying.

When talking to my clients about Energy Leadership Index Assessment, we’re discussing the way positive and negative energy shows up in our life. The highest positive form of energy is associated with the feeling of Absolute passion. And my clients often struggle to provide examples of how this energy shows up in their life. Now I can share mine with you.

I love my work. I’m enjoying it so much that happily waiting and get excited about coming coaching session or a training or a workshop. And I always work to become better, to develop myself and get more confidence in my professionalism. Now, thanks to your successes, and wonderful feeeling of satisfaction that I get when I hear about your discoveries, I start to feel the real Passion about what I do, I feel great by asking challenging questions, feeling that nothing can stop me and I’m doing “the right thing”. And I feel that at those moments I can understand my clients and myself much deeper. Thank you! Thank YOU! THANK YOU!!!! And… if you feel like to explore more, read a book about The Flow (http://www.amazon.com/Flow-Psychology-Experience-Perennial-Classics/dp/0061339202). The wisdom of Mihaly Csikszmentmihalyi will help you to learn more about Absolute Passion and how to find a way to welcome it in our life.

PS: As you know, I’m taking pictures of cats everywhere. And it was not easy for me to select  the one about Passion&Consiousness. Aslan Kedi (Lion Cat, it’s his name despite being a street cat) has a passion with regards to food. He can be absolutely fearless, very creative and almost genious with sensing meal times. Look at his moustache!

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