Olga Gurskaya

Certified Energy Leadership Coach, PCC ICF

Denis Rubtsov

National Sales Manager, Stryker Russia

We had an experience of working with Olga on leveraging the level of engagement and teamwork in our business development and marketing departments.

Using Energetic Leadership concept accompanied with some elements of Lencioni’s “5 dysfunctions of a team” Olga performed a great program for us, combined out of some one-on-one work with each of team member, followed by a summarizing group training.

I believe everybody on this training got valuable insights on how his energy level influences his performance, his colleagues and his life in general.

And what’s even more important, as a result of this program I see a transformed and engaged team, where every team member is feeling responsible to act in a positive mood.

On one hand, this results might seem ephemeral, but my strong belief is that such things are highly linked to productivity and are helping to turn a good team into great.

PS: Команда Страйкера была признана лучшей командой 2017 года во всей компании

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