Olga Gurskaya

Certified Energy Leadership Coach, PCC ICF

Gregorio Asero

Head of Quality for Western Europe / Middle East and Africa

Olga is an easy person to recommend. I am so happy to share the great impact she had in my career. 

I was feeling I was actually not in the driver's seat of my career, what was impacting my work-life balance, my overall engagement at work was suffering. It is difficult to work hard and engage toward something when you have no idea what you are working towards or when the direction you are taking seems to be completely not the want you actually want. 

Olga through the coaching process help me out by getting my thoughts, feelings an actions in agreement. She supported me through the process to understand my real priorities in life and work according with my values and to regain the passion needed to succeed. 

In my many interaction with Olga I have found her to be a very client focused individual who is fully capable of bringing out the best in the people she connects with. She is very knowledgeable both in coaching and also in the corporate environment, and highly authentic. I really enjoy working with Olga.

PS: Грегорио перешел на работу в другую компанию и переехал в другую страну через 1 год после окончания коучинга

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