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Podcast#2 on Managerial challenges: termination and delegation

Climbing career Everest: what to take with you?

I’ll invite guests, people that I know, respect and treasure. They are executives of various companies all over the world. These people will share their stories, advices and experiences that will definitely help you to get to the next career step. Faster. Be with us if career development is in your goals.

Today in our 2rd issue of the podcast I talk with Sasha Matveeva, Health Economics and Market Access Manager in Boston Scintific Italy.

Sasha shares her view on managerial challenges: employee termination and things to know if you’re just promoted to a management role. By listening to our conversation you’ll learn about:

  • What actions can help you to make termination as smooth as possible for you and for the employee

  • What can help to overcome feelings of guilt and frustration

  • Real-life story and a classical book example of a talented leader

  • How big picture view can support you in termination

  • What helps to become a better manager when you’re just promoted from an expert to the managerial role

  • And, Sasha’s secret of career progression, as a bonus for all of us.

Sasha is a medical doctor trained in Russia who switched to healthcare management. With Master degree in Health Policy and Management from the University of California Berkeley. At the age of 25 she returned to Moscow and started in her first serious managerial role in the medical division of Ingosstrakh, Russia’s largest insurance company.

With passion for technology & innovation, 10 years ago Sasha joined Medtronic Russia and built from scratch their vascular division. She continued her career at Johnson & Johnson Medical, where she managed strategic projects within Market Access department and later became Business Unit Manager. While at J&J Sasha received “Leader of the Year” and “Best Project of the Year” awards.

In 2014 Sasha moved to Milan. She learnt Italian from scratch and soon joined Boston Scientific Italy, in Health Economics & Market Access department.

Sasha is married with 3 kids and believes that spending real quality time with the family is the key to being a happy working mother and wife. She enjoys life in its every aspect, loves travelling, theatres, cinematography and rock-climbing.

Podcast duration is 20 min.

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Enjoy the listening!

Podcast#2 on Managerial challenges: termination and delegation
Fri, February 1700, 2017, 7 years ago

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