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Climbing career Everest #9

You want to find time, energy and efficiency? Sport is a way…

Today in our 9th issue of the podcast I talk with Dmitry Egorov, Procurement Cluster Lead , Middle East & Africa, Johnson and Johnson.  We talk about the role of sport in Dmitry’s life and its magic effects.  How it helps to become more organized, focused, goal-oriented and energetic on top of all the obvious health benefits.

By listening to the podcast you’ll find out:

  • About Dmitry’s story: from a bit overweight “normal” office employee to active, sporty early riser
  • How sport teaches the goal setting
  • How to find time for sports, and importance of quality time and focus
  • Sport does not take, but give energy for the productive work
  • How sport creates a feeling of community
  • And, of course, get inspired!

Dmitry is from Russia. He has been building a career in procurement for the last 10 years, leading Johnson and Johnson Procurement Team for Russia & CIS, and for the last 4 years being a Procurement Cluster Lead, Middle East & Africa. He is Married, with 2 sons of  7 and 11 years old. Dmitry is very Active in sport: cycling, running. triathlon, He took part in 20+ competitions in different kind of sports and distances including Marathon and Ironman. He likes Active travel: hiking, climbing,  camping.

Podcast duration is 22 min.

Please share the podcast with your friends who might be inspired to be more active in sports, more productive at work and more happy (in general) J

Enjoy the listening!

Climbing career Everest #9
Thu, April 2000, 2017, 7 years ago

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