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Climbing career Everest #5

Do you want to fit a lot in your life, living fully and passionately?

Today in our 5th issue of the podcast I talk with Ceren Cerezci, Director for CSS Business, Johnson&Johnson Medical Turkey.

We discuss the way to fit a lot in your life, living fully and passionately, and Ceren’s tips on it.

By listening to the podcast you’ll find out

  • How the question “Why?” and finding a purpose allows you to do many things, with joy!
  • Importance of prioritization and planning
  • What is Ceren’s signature, or her way to deliver better things day-by-day
  • Importance of personal development
  • Very interesting view of time, lack of it and its speed. What are the messages that speed of time gives us
  • And how does it linked to “Why” question that we started with…

Ceren is from Turkey as one of the 5 children in her family. She has graduated from Marmara University department of Econometrics.  She has learned English by herself and accomplished everything by her dedication to achieve and deliver more into her life. She worked for Hurriyet Newspaper, Dia Creativity Agency, Vestel and Johnson & Johnson as her last destination for 11 years in different local and regional roles in EMEA & METEP. She has been awarded as Best Sales Manager, Most growing region, Best distributor management awards in her tenure. She is now handling Director role for CSS business in Turkey. She is also a single mother of 4 years old son. She is a person who never gives up. Looking forward to making the life better for everyone she has taken many social project responsibilities and started to run for donations and accomplished half marathon run for Children's with Autism.  She is passionate to live life and bring more for next generations. 

Podcast duration is 16 min.

On the 11th minute, Ceren is talking about the signals that time gives you about the things that you’re filling your life with. I really like this concept of the signal. I did note it myself. Did you? Please leave your comments below.

Enjoy the listening!

Climbing career Everest #5
Mon, March 600, 2017, 7 years ago

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