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Climbing career Everest #13

Happiness & Corporate world: “We can not see a lion every day!”

Today in our 13h issue of the podcast I talk with Pinar Kurt, Sr. Regional Marketing Manager, Biosense Webster, Latin America, Johnson and Johnson.  We talk about the way to be happy in Corporate Environment and in life in general, the way to manage stress and importance of setting the expectations.

By listening to the podcast you’ll find out that:

  • Happiness is given to us with a birth, and we just need to find a way to remember it
  • Unhappy moment starts with the disappointment, and where it comes from
  • Setting the expectation is important, and how it affects happiness
  • The balance of “If they do not do it, it’s fine, you were already good before that”, and do not allow to “take from you”, to put you in negative state also.
  • There is a view at the Corporate world that allows preserving happiness
  • The stress level of a nasty e-mail and seeing a lion in the jungle is very similar, and how to approach the “disasters” not from a survival mode
  • There are two types of people: climber and tracker, and how it affects career dynamics
  • And the advice from Pinar, how to enjoy life

Pinar is from Turkey. After studying Chemistry at Koç University, she completed her PhD degree on Chemical Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University. She specialized in surface science and antibacterial plastics. She started as post-doctoral fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and worked with nano- particles to create environmental friendly coatings.

After her career as a scientist in U.S.A, she joined Johnson&Johnson and moved to Istanbul and worked in Marketing in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Her responsibilities increased with different business units and roles in 5 years. Right now, she is enjoying her 3rd. year as Latin America Marketing Lead for Arrhythmia Business in J&J. She lives in Brazil and enjoys reading, traveling and learning new cultures.

Podcast duration is 23 min.

At the 6th minute of our conversation Pinar says “If you I do not allow the things or environment to disappoint me, there are not really many reasons to be unhappy”  and shares her way how to do it. Would be great to hear about your way to stay calm, to escape from disappointments.

Enjoy the listening!

Climbing career Everest #13
Tue, June 1300, 2017, 7 years ago

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