Ольга Гурская

Сертифицированный Коуч Энергетического лидерства, РСС, ICF


Business Unit Leader / Russia

I have had the great pleasure to work with Olga through the Positive Change & Energy Leadership program within J&J leaders’ development initiatives. I adore Olga’s tremendously positive, enthusiastic, and very efficient approach to tackle, and resolve client’s complex issues. After completion of the program, I have noticed tangible results versus our agreed targets we set before program enrollment: positive changes in how I manage complex changes, resolve conflicts, go about influencing others, energize and inspire myself and the team to achieve the new heights. Thanks to Olga I do have more clarity, and vision on my mid to long term goals on how to become an ever best leader and how to get there. I recommend Olga as a top executive coach for everyone, who sets high expectations for one’s career and is willing to develop and master the science of being a genuine leader. Olga’s skills, and experience as an extremely successful business practitioner and top executive are indispensable in any situation a modern leader might face. Overall, a tremendously impacting experience both in work and personal life!

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